Can you invest one minute for better Google searches?

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Google-Logo“How many Google searches do you do in a week?” I tried to Google that phrase without any luck. But I would guess that most of you use Google pretty regularly for all kinds of searches. It is a great way to gather market information that may be useful in marketing strategy and planning. But I would also guess that most of you use Google in its simplest form — type a key word or two into the search box.

How about investing a minute of your time to learn some tips that will make your searching faster and more fruitful? While the basic Google search is pretty good at finding what you want, you may find it helpful to learn a few tricks. I think you will find the investment worthwhile — and save you more than that amount of time in just the next week. The one-minute video below provides a good start.

And if you are willing to put in another minute out, check out one or both of these articles “6 Google Tricks for Improving Your Searching Savvy” (Fast Company, February 7, 2014) and/or “13 Hacks to Improve Your Google Search” (The Daily Beast, September 15, 2013).

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One Response to “Can you invest one minute for better Google searches?”

  1. CNauman Says:

    Joe’s article, “Can you invest one minute for better Google searches?” caught my eye. This short article poses a question related to your personal investment of time. He includes a short video on tricks to making your searches more precise by (1) being specific by using a colon or quotation marks in your search bar(i.e. Author:, in title:, “exact words you are looking for”), (2) including formats you are looking for (i.e. jpeg:, pdf: ), and (3) broadening your search using the *. Also, if you want to learn more tricks, he gives links to two other articles which could help.

    These shortcuts are extremely useful for defining a search online. They can cut the time needed for exploring and get you right where you need to be quicker. The accuracy of your search will be increased. However, if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for, these items would not be that useful because then you would not want to be so clear-cut in your search.

    We have learned that marketing needs to identify the needs of a customer. Joe understands how important time is to every individual. Thus, he lures you in with asking if you can spare just one minute. Secondly, marketing creates customer satisfaction. Joe also makes it clear that if you take this limited time, to watch the video, you may just save yourself time in the future. After reading and watching the video, I feel he has marketed to a need that that all have when searching the web. Joe goes beyond your need. If you care to explore further on how to increase your clarity of searches, he gives you extra links for viewing.

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