Is this product segmentation gone too far? Does the world need girl’s microscopes, women’s toolsets

Posted by joe

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 9.15.36 AMMaybe the most important concept in marketing is segmentation. And one of the simplest ways to segment a market is by gender. Hey just make a pink version and wa-la, you have a women’s version. Just because you should segment and gender segmentation is easy, doesn’t mean that every product needs a men’s and women’s version. Yes, it makes sense for clothing. But how about pens? Ear plugs? Tea, Energy drinks? This article onĀ BuzzFeed21 Pointlessly Gendered Products” (January 24, 2014) provides some great examples you might find fun to show in class.

What do you think of these gender-driven product differences? Can you think of some other examples?

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One Response to “Is this product segmentation gone too far? Does the world need girl’s microscopes, women’s toolsets”

  1. Kim Says:

    Segmenting by gender is a smart marketing tool, however, I think that in some regards they have taken it too far. I think that segmentation if necessary for some items such as razors because of the areas of the body that you will be using the product on. Also segmenting clothing such as socks is a necessity. Going so far as making pink tools for women however I believe is taking it farther than is necessary. It should not matter what color the tools are if a woman is going to use them. There are definitely pros to segmenting by gender. It will increase sales on some times because it will make people believe that the item in question is now being produced just for their gender. However, the con is that in some markets the manufacturers are taking the segmentation too far. If you ask most women that are going to work with tools if it is necessary for them to be pink to use them they will tell you that they do not care what color they are as long they accomplish the job that you want to use them for. Segmentation if necessary for some items that are needed in day to day use but not all marketing items need to be segmented based on gender.

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