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What lessons can we learn from Nike’s new marketing strategy?

Posted by joe

Over the last decade Nike has significantly changed its marketing strategy – especially in product development and promotion.  The Nike+ software and iPod partnership has the firm seeking more digital products.  Nike seeks new services to enhance its offerings.

My generation (I am 51) saw Nike’s great advertising on television.  Now Nike has moved almost completely away from the big screen — moving to the small screens (cell phones and computers) where its core target market spends more time.  There the media placement costs are very low (though production costs for thos 1-3 minute “mini movies” can be high).

Fortune magazine provides an extended article describing changes at Nike – “Nike’s new marketing mojo” (February 13). To read more Learn the 4 Ps coverage of Nike, click here.

Let’s try to learn from Nike — and apply these lessons to other companies in other industries (not just Under Armour or Adidas).  This will require some thinking — because the lessons cannot be copied directly to new industries.  What can McDonald’s learn from Nike’s strategy?  How about the Mayo Clinic?  King Soopers (or other grocery store)?