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“Taco Bell and the Golden Age of Drive-Thru”

Posted by joe

This long article examines the importance of the drive-thru window for quick serve restaurants (QSRs).  For example, some Taco Bell  locations get 70% of their business the drive-thru window, with  80% of that revenue coming during the 90 minute lunchtime rush!  With this in mind, Taco Bell has focused on improving the speed and quality of the customer drive-thru experience.  This article, “Taco Bell and the Golden Age of Drive-Thru” (Bloomberg Businessweek, May 5, 2011) details many of those strategy changes.

What do you think this move has to say about changes in consumer behavior?  What other strategy changes could Taco Bell make to further appeal to the drive-thru customer?  Think about each of the 4 Ps.